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There is a difference in Pond Liner EPDM and roof grade EPDM.

Most roof grade EPDM is chemically compounded to be specifically used in roofing installations.  Part of the mixing and compounding process usually includes the use of additives such as anti bacterial and anti fungicide agents that will prevent mold, mildew, fungus and other such growths from happening on a roof top.  These are additives that the pondkeeper would prefer NOT to have in their pond liner, particularly in order to maintain the health and proper balance of the pond life.

EPDM Pond liners are proven fish friendly, and is a membrane which has no anti bacterial or anti fungicide additives used in the manufacturing process.  In addition EPDM Pond Liners are practically talc FREE.  Thus providing an enhanced performance of the sheet as a 100% secure and healthy habitat for all of your pond life.

If you are a roofing contractor and use roofing EPDM, then buy Roof Grade EPDM with all of the additives.  If you need Pond Liner EPDM and would like to maintain a healthy pond environment, then buy an EPDM Pond Liner!

Remembe, American Wholesale Supply Company (AWSC) wants your business and we will show you the best products, services and pricing on the net!

Key Benefits of EPDM Pond Liners

20 year **manufacturer's warranty


Fish & Frog Friendly


U.S. Made


Wholesale Distributors Wanted for EPDM Pond Liners.
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*Generic EPDM Liners Pricing   

*Custom Cut EPDM Liners
*Rolled Liners
*Boxed EPDM Liners
*Boxed EPDM Liners (60 Mil)
Pricing on Firestone Pond Gardƒ Liners   
*Firestone Pond Gardƒ Pre-cut Liners 
*Firestone Pond Gardƒ Additional Liner Rolls 


*Custom Cut EPDM Liners
Description Weight Price
EPDM 45 MIL, 15'X25' 117 lbs $337.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 20'X20' 124 lbs $360.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 20'X25' 150 lbs $450.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 20'X30' 186 lbs $540.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 20'X50' 310 lbs $900.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 25'X30' 233 lbs $675.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 30'X30' 279 lbs $890.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 30'X40' 372 lbs $1,125.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 30'X50' 465 lbs $1,500.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 40'X50' 620 lbs $1,800.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 50'X50' 775 lbs $2,250.00
*Rolled Liners
Description Weight Price
EPDM 45 MIL, 10'X100' 310 lbs $900.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 15'X100' 465 lbs $1,350.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 20'X100' 620 lbs $1,800.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 30'X100' 930 lbs $2,700.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 40'X100' 1240 lbs $3,600.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 50'X100' 1550 lbs $4,500.00

*Boxed EPDM Liners
Description Weight Price
EPDM 45 MIL, 10'X10' 31 lbs $90.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 10'X15' 46 lbs $135.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 10'X20' 62 lbs $190.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 15'X15' 70 lbs $225.00
EPDM 45 MIL, 15'X20' 93 lbs $285.00
*Boxed EPDM Liners (60 Mil)
Description Weight Price
EPDM 60 MIL, 10'X10' 40 lbs $135.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 10'X15' 58 lbs $205.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 15'X15' 81 lbs $305.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 15'X20' 108 lbs $405.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 15'X25' 145 lbs $495.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 20'X20' 156 lbs $540.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 20'X30' 228 lbs $670.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 20'X50' 380 lbs $1,350.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 30'X30' 343 lbs $1,250.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 30'X50' 570 lbs $1,670.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 10'X100' 380 lbs $1,350.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 20'X100' 760 lbs $2,450.00
EPDM 60 MIL, 30'X100' 1140 lbs $3,350.00

Pricing on Firestone Pond Gardƒ Liners       




EPDM 45 MIL 5.5'X100' $495.00
EPDM 45 MIL 10'X100' $900.00
EPDM 45 MIL 15'X100' $1,350.00
EPDM 45 MIL 20'X100' $1,800.00
EPDM 45 MIL 25'X100' $2,250.00
EPDM 45 MIL 30'X100' $2,700.00
EPDM 45 MIL 40'X100' $3,600.00
EPDM 45 MIL 50'X100' $4,500.00

 *Firestone Pond Gardƒ Pre-cut Liners 




EPDM 45 MIL 8'X10' $105.00
EPDM 45 MIL 10'X10' $130.00
EPDM 45 MIL 10'X15' $175.00
EPDM 45 MIL 15'X15' $310.00
EPDM 45 MIL 15'X20' $350.00
EPDM 45 MIL 20'X25' $575.00

                    *Firestone Pond Gardƒ Additional Liner Rolls                   




EPDM 45 MIL 10'X50' $565.00
EPDM 45 MIL 15'X50' $825.00
EPDM 45 MIL 20'X50' $1,125.00
EPDM 45 MIL 25'X50' $1,350.00

This 45 mil rubber liner is fish safe and highly flexible.  It features high elongation, high expansion and contraction tolerances.   It is weather resistant and extremely durable.  Yet it is easy to install and repair.  Especially recommended for large demanding jobs. 

Order Liner Underlayment - Protect your pond liner - liner underlayment provides an extra barrier between the pond liner and rocky soil.  5'X50' $27.98 or 5'x100' $169.98 (per roll)

*Prices subject to change without notice.

**Warranty is covered by manufacturer on all materials.

We also offer additional custom cut rolls, pond kits and all your pond accessories, call 1-800-956-3976 or e:mail us for ordering information.

We also offer a full color catalog ($6.95 includes S&H).  This catalog is a must see for any expert or novice water gardener.  This full color catalog includes valuable information to get any new water gardener started.  With step by step instructions on how to build or start a water garden, pond maintenance, fish care, proper filtration, formulas and calculations to help you select the proper equipment the first time and so much more.  Call now to order 1-800-956-3976.


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